We’ve got something special for you – Your Guide To A Magical Phenomenon Called Inspiration

Hey, guys! It`s Diana.

     Today I`m gonna talk to you about a very important part of our everyday life which is called inspiration. Surprised that I call it an everyday thing? Well, you may not notice it but each of us, from a small child, painting a picture in a kindergarten to a successful businesswoman who runs her own company, is in need of this phenomenon. In this post, I`ll tell you how to get inspired, the most popular ways to do it and even talk to a big Instagram blogger. Okay, chaps, let`s get started.

      We all know what inspiration is, right? But the funny point is that everyone puts his own sense into this word since it`s very personal. Let`s have a look at what Wikipedia has to say on this matter: “Inspiration – the act of influencing or suggesting opinions.” Well, a bit complicated but yes. We`re usually inspired by someone or something that has a strong impact on us, our mood and productivity.

     Without a doubt, you can be inspired by literally every single thing in this world. It can be nature, time of the year, a person, an animal, someone`s art, style or way of speaking, and this list is honestly endless. Sometimes it gets really weird. For example, I had a tree, an old and beautiful maple, as an object of admiration in my childhood. Unfortunately, it was cut off several years ago so I cannot show you this natural wonder.

     To prove the variety of inspirational sources I asked lots of people about things they`re inspired by. The most popular answer was music, the range was from vintage vinyl records to Danish post-punk music. I`ll show you some other answers below including some inspiring suggestions from me personally:

  • books (“Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austin)
  • cinema festivals
  • adventures (go buy a ticket with a friend to another country, let yourself be spontaneous)
  • traveling (Prague, Kyiv, and Stockholm are just magical)
  • aesthetic things (go on Pinterest and have fun looking at all these artistic things)
  • VS Fashion Show
  • video games
  • films (“The Devil Wears Prada” is an evergreen masterpiece)
  • choreographic performances
  • communication with different people
  • hitchhiking (because what can be better than a mountain view?)
  • and just even making other people smile

As you see, so many people, so many minds…

Your Guide To A Magical Phenomenon Called Inspiration – find the right way

     The point is that you definitely should find an object to admire as it turns out to be pretty useful. While surfing the net, you`re sure to find countless articles, videos, our favorite TEDTalks about inspiration and motivation as a concept of a successful and happy life. The easiest way to stay creative is to find your role model. You may like this person for his/her singing, dancing, speaking, behaving, literally anything. From my experience, it helps you to broaden your outlook, set new priorities in life and even to some extent change yourself. As soon as you find this person you`ll feel a wave of energy and creativity.

     For me, it was Taylor Swift, an American singer, and songwriter. Her speeches, as well as lyrics, always made me believe in myself. Her fashion style influenced me and helped to understand which fashion direction I should go forward to. Another person was Karlie Kloss, an American model, and activist. This girl literally ruined the word “stereotype” for me. She`s a tall, beautiful, blonde supermodel who loves cooking, reading, traveling, has her YouTube channel, and… is in love with computer programming! I always look up to these 2 women as it helps me to stay determined and see my life goals clearly.

     As for me, 21 century made it really easy to stay inspired. We have dozens of social webs (not mentioning our beloved YouTube) where we can find a huge variety of beautiful photos, landscapes, my favorite quotes and, of course, amazing bloggers from all over the world! These people are not necessarily your role models but they are sure to immerse you into the world of art and fantasy. Someone likes fashion, make-up and beauty bloggers, someone prefers looking at picturesque views on his/her homepage, it fully depends on a taste. Just think about what you like or where you`d like to travel and subscribe to this blogger.

     I talked to a popular Instagram blogger called @_yestreen_ with 28.7K followers. She is a flatlay and lifestyle blogger from Minsk, Belarus. Her account specializes in combining decorative items that we use every day to create a beautiful layout in pastel tones. Under her elegant photos, she writes about lifestyle, inspiration and the process of creating her content. I`ll show you some pictures of hers below. She shared some tips on how to get and stay inspired, how to overcome depression and where to find ideas for a start-up.

– What inspires you in your daily life?

– Lots of things. Lovely photos and people, places with esthetic interior and decorations, the order in the workplace, tableware and even beautifully decorated food.

– I know that you make and post photos every day, which is a pretty hard work to do. How do you save this energy and where do you take your content ideas from?

– There are lots of ideas for content. That`s why I like combining several themes in one post. I always have ideas. The problem is I do lack energy and time, so sometimes I can write posts at 3 am. But my followers are my biggest stimulation, so I can`t say I`m tired and have nothing to post. The blog means hard work and responsibility.

– What inspired you to create your blog? And why Flatlay?

– The idea came gradually. In the beginning, I wanted to have a blog about psychology. Then I started noticing photos of beautiful layouts and wanted to create something similar. I was inspired by photos of famous bloggers and began practicing.

– And what do you do when there`s no inspiration? Is this situation possible, why?

– Oh, yes. I can be very tired because I work a lot. Sometimes I really want to sleep on weekends and not to wake up early in the morning when there is cool sunlight. But when I just have to make a photo, I think about it as programming. Inspiration can`t be 24/7, so I imagine the photo, its color, and style and then try until I like it.

– Can you fall into depression because of the time of the year? Lots of people are exhausted and have no inspiration in autumn, for example.

– No, I`ve never had depression. I have a smooth emotional background. The only problem is that I really want to sleep when I work a lot.

– Where do you take the ideas for your flatlays from?

– I see some ideas on other bloggers` accounts and want to do the same in my own way.  Sometimes ideas are born spontaneously, just like my last post.

– Reading your posts, one can easily see that you always notice your followers and arrange various interactives for them. Do they inspire you? How?

– Oh, of course, they do. Actually, the whole idea of the blog would be pointless if there was no feedback. I`m sad when people don`t react to a post `cause I understand that it turned out to be not interesting. And on the contrary, I`m SO happy when I get comments, messages in my DMs. It means a world to me `cause positive comments inspire me most of all. You just stop caring about lack of sleep, and all you want to do is to take a camera and create.

– Could you give some advice to people who start doing something new? Ho to get new ideas from and stay inspired? And how to make content constantly interesting for the auditory?

– You should always do something that`s very interesting for you and what you really like. Check the accounts of bloggers you like, practice and put an effort in your work. But to make this happen, you’ve got to literally live that idea, check for currently popular topics and stick to some trends. The content can be interesting only when you have something to say. Overall, you should be the first one to genuinely enjoy what you`re doing.

As we see, inspiration is far from being a constant thing. Even creative people who get lots of support from others can lack inspiration, desire to do something or simply don`t have time on it. But here’s the thing. You can (and you should) be inspired by yourself! As far as I`m concerned, it`s the best way not only to creativity but to self-development as well. Just compare yourself to the version of you, say, a year ago. Look how far you`ve come, how many amazing things you`ve accomplished and how much of precious experience you`ve gained. Doesn`t it inspire to become even better every day and always stay open for new opportunities? You can become your own role model. And, honestly, I can`t imagine a better state of things than this.

Photo by Jane Pham on Pexels.com

So, to sum it up, guys. Always stay inspired and creative. No matter what. Do not let anything or anyone make you doubt yourself or your belief in yourself. Note to yourself: look around because there are so many things, sometimes very small ones, that can make you inspired. And, on the top of that, always remember that you are your best and evergreen source of inspiration.

What are your top ways to get inspired? Give us some tips and tricks in the comments!

See Y’all soon,

Diana Kravets


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